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PPA Manifesto

PPA ManifestoThe PPA Believes:

In the international Declaration of Human rights, and in
a free and democratic society with fair and regular elections.
In a good government based on transparency, accountability, openness and equality for all;

In the respect for human life, provide proactive leadership for a better quality of life for all.
That no man is above the law,
and everyone is equal before the law.

In the right to government information and in policies for
quality education as the key
to sustainable human and economic development.
In an economic system in which all persons have equal opportunity to participate, compete and enjoy the benefits of the economy.

In an independent news media with freedom from political influence and in promoting a vision that will progressively change the island’s present direction for a better future for all, based on the basic democratic philosophy of liberty, equality, and brotherhood among the people of St. Maarten.

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