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PPA Youth Call To Action

Youth CallIt is a known fact that individuals with poor education later lack motivation for adult training. The high rate of failure within our school system helps to explain the low job performance among St. Maarteners . As long as school failure is not reduced or eliminated, professional training will remain a serious issue. We need a school system that is adapted to the needs of the community. Presently there is hardly any cooperation between the school system and the labor market. The only place that Antilleans can still find employment is within the local government and with government owned companies.

We must eradicate the impression that Locals are inadequate, incompetent and poorly educated. Our schools must be held responsible for the performance of our students.

PPA must insure the integration of young people into the local labor market,
The schools should be more involved in the business world and the business world in the schools in order to ensure adequate training.
PPA must ensure that a polytech school is established on St. Maarten within the four year term of office.

Students under the age of 18 are obliged to attend school. Because any young person who does not attend school is a potential delinquent.
We must ensure that our children get some type of basic education.
Depending on their abilities they will be obliged to attend either a school focussing on academics or get involved in a school that caters to the various other professions like plumbing, electrical engineering, airconditioning, welding etc.

In order to change St. Maarten, we must change our outlook. And it all starts with our schools.

It’s time to change the change!
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